Sparkle’s Art offers original canvas paintings, in a wide range of mediums such as acrylic, watercolour, mixed media, oil, etc. We are in the process of offering art prints, printed on canvas or framed. Please call for pricing and to arrange sales.

Sparkle’s Art n Things are looking for artists to expose their work of art on our website. Please contact us for information.

Some paintings are available as ‘’loans’’. Paintings are a great way to fill those empty walls in your office, business, homes etc. Give us a call for more information at 613.868.6976.


ottawa-artistSylvie Renaud ‘’Sparkle’’

Artist Bio – Since a very young age, artistic work is an essential part of my everyday being.

Presence of creativity allows me to explore my true self. Sparkle is a name that I have given myself as a symbol of whom I am and in which I associate with the stars, it is a symbol of both life and magic.

Just as sign language, the movements of my hands holding a brush transform the words that I cannot always express with voice. I am inspired by colors, shapes, nature, objects, and textures; I express my feelings, emotions, life experiences, thoughts, dreams and imagination.

Using my creativity, I enter a magical, mystical world and explore my thoughts. I create my surrounding and expose unseen parts of myself all in an easier form of reality. My hopes are that every piece created will speak to many spectators. See Gallery »

Geneviève Jeanneau

Coming soon.